This app connects victims of emergencies with TCIF First Responders for prompt assistance.

Trauma Care International Foundation is a registered non-governmental organization focused on improving trauma care and emergency response services in her member nations through advocacy, health education, and community-based projects.

The TCERA app connects casualties with TCIF First Responders in the event of emergencies providing users with realtime response from specially trained First Responders.

App Features:

  • One-Touch Button to Request Help
  • Realtime Tracking of Responders
  • Get Notifications
  • Realtime Audio and Video Calls
  • Realtime Live Chat

About Us

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Features of the TCERA APP!

One-Touch Button to Request Help

The TCERA App is simple to use without the complexity of generic app usage. We believe that an emergency is needed so we eradicate the tedious process and get you to request for help without delay.

Just at the click of a button, you can have one or multiple responders at your location in no time at all.

Realtime Tracking of Responders

There is a state of the art tracking system implemented by the command center to ensure that the best responders based on location and closeness, gets to the scene of the emergency in record breaking time.

The system locates the closest responders to the scene and dipatches them immediately based on the nature of the emergency request.

Get Instant Notifications

Being notified either as a user or a responder is very critical to the success of the entire process. Poor notification could lead to a negative result from the expected or anticipated one.

Notifications are promptly sent accordingly throughout the process of the emergency.

State of the art command center

In achieving this enormous task, we have a state of the art command center that monitors and administers all responders and requests made from the field of any or all emergencies. This is the nerve center of the entire operation.

We also plan to continue to improve on the set standard to achieve greater results in the future.

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